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Estate Activities

The farm is in hand and guests can observe various activities depending on the time of year. There are over 100 acres of woodland with 2 picturesque lakes supporting a myriad of wild life. There are many lovely paths around the estate suitable for walking or cycling.

Go down to our log cabin have a picnic or BBQ, relax and let the world go by. Stroll round the grounds or take a long hike along the John Muir Way, which actually passes through the estate.

There are tracks and paths all safely away from main roads for walking and cycling. The estate is ideal for walking dogs, which are welcome guests and for this there is no charge.

For those who may need it there is a CAA registered grass airstrip.

Estate History

Since 1700, Balgone has been in the Grant-Suttie family, a wonderfully scenic agricultural estate run on an environmentally friendly basis. The generations have experienced many years of history. Our ancestors were mainly businessmen or military, sadly all that remains is the recently restored mansion house sold to the present owners as a ruin in the eighties and some fascinating books and photographs some of which you can find in the Granary bookcase. All the farmland historically has been tenanted out but in 1959 when my father inherited the estate times had changed, he arrived from Canada to find it badly run down and decided to take the farm back in hand. Gone were the days of the wealthy landowners and we have worked hard to build the estate into a thriving agricultural business, my father built the Granary to allow myself and my family to move into the nearby farmhouse.